Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.....carpe diem

Seize the day! another great "c' word. I arose with a multi-pronged thought and that was to be bold with what was thrown at me that day, create one new bridal veil and bathe my Boykin Spaniel. I really got my plate full when I said "carpe diem" to my morning.
The great news is that by evening, my patient and gentle mannered husband calmed by ranting soul when he helped me to name the bridal veil composition that I was working on. For a touch of history that led to this design was that many brides want to come down the aisle in a mysterious veiled persona, to be revealed at the appropriate moment, be pronounced a new being with another person, trek back up that aisle with veil in tow; then to shed all that airy mass to get down and party! So how do you transform this bridal look to a party look yet still look like a bride?
Solution: Designs by Caroline : a) the fascinator, b)the mane veil that has a secret escape threading which is shed and c) the "encore" veil. As we process through the design phases, it will be revealed what each of these components means and how each bride can be individual yet quite regal with any choice.
One component I like to build in is the veil bracelet; sort of a bustle piece of jewelry; either an antique from childhood or a gift from the groom. This is looped through the mobius segment of the longest veil (chapel or cathedral length) and worn on the wrist to keep the veil out of the way of the bride's feet or a cameraman's. One of the most horrid shots I have ever seen was on a morning television program with their 2009 bride of the summer feature. As she was going into the Plaza Hotel in New York City, a camerman or someone, stepped on her veil and ripped that sucker right out of her tendril laden bun. She did a quick whiplash of the head and you never saw that whispy mass ever again. Who knows, it might have flown half way to New Jersey! I vowed to let that never happen to one of our creations.
The veil in this post is very formal. It has Swarovski cyrstals and pearls and bottom of blusher veil and is tea length in white tulle on pearl barette fascinator.
More about the veil composition later.
Yes, the afternoon appointment left me a challenge of the wills between me and a 20 something receptionist who had to be right, but was wrong!
Must not waste your gentle spirit on those unwilling to accept the truth!
And, bath time for Chartres was perfectly messy but fun, sort of. One pointer, always have everything you need when you start your project for stopping and retrieivng when the subject is in the "quickstart, jump as high as you can position", you may have a bigger mess than anticipated.
Oh by the way, I knew you would love to see this compositon by Raphael. He was about 150 years younger than Vermeer, but look at the veil; the light, the fabric, so real.
Did you wear a hat today? Try it you might like what it does for you......
BTW: one of our most beautiful alpaca crias born here was named Carpe Diem, lovely creature.

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