Thursday, August 13, 2009

Southern Sisters,LLC is created

Alpaca fiber is incredible. This spectaular livestock has been on our farm in Georgia for the last ten years. Each year, they are shorn, around April 1 in the south. I have never really had the time to be creative with the fiber, but this year things became very different. For you see, I now have found a way to incorporate the alpaca fiber into some spectacular designs for brides. As of June 2009, I have been a director of several really awesone and neat weddings, been the mother of the bride and the wife of the father of the bride. All totally different roles and all varied positions of lips: open or closed! What I noticed was the lack of emphasis and focus on the purpose of the veil, and the blusher in the bridal attire. There is no set protocol on this so I think I shall create one! Friday 8/14/2009 is my birthday and also I celebrate the anniversary of the end of the war on Japan, thus you know my age! I feel inclined to do something different. It is never too late to let neurons fire up and challenge them to see whether they stick, or not. Brides are so focused on the dress (as the wedding shop wants you to be), but the veil is what makes the difference between a wedding dress and a party dress. This my search and study of the veil. Plus, the creation of beautiful, graceful attire for the bride's hair, her glory. At the same time I thought, "got to get that luxurious fiber in the midst", so we did! Let's see if I can combine all these worlds into true art and expressions of love for world peace. I formed a coop of some of my fellow alpaca breeders who are fiber artists to provide me with the bandeaux, the pillbox for the veils and the various heart shaped felted pieces for the fascinators. We are called Southern Sisters LLC and are carving a place in the heart of the bride-to-be and the incorporation of the alpaca smack dab in the middle of it. Thus begins the journey as I share our creations for you to see and purchase.