Monday, November 2, 2009

Tiarra-Queen and Anchor

Several years ago we made a purchase of an alpaca breeding female that has again had another wonderful cria for us.   She became the anchor of our breeding program and the Queen of the pasture.  I have retained
most of her offspring for our program.  We  have found an outstanding male that matches with her perfectly.  All in all she has given us six females and two males. I think she has earning a bit of a vacation......
Her daughters have added another six granddaughters and great granddaughters.
Above is a photo of Candeaux's Saint John.  He was born on All Saints Day, November 1, 2009; that was Sunday.  We were making morning rounds and were counting heads and Voila! another set of legs.  Tiarra had this little man and the placenta had presented and  was beginning to search for nourishment.
We were elated.  She was huge;built a bit like a tank in the latter days.
But wait... as we were leaving the pasture we saw Celestial Anna laying on her side and acting agitated.  She was not due until next Sunday. But we went ahead and called Dr. Frost after about an hour; and 45 mintues later, we had a gorgeous beige/white little female on the ground.  We are calling her Celeste!
God really blessed us with great breedings and a wonderful veterinarian who saw things through to success.

Was a super day to have new life on the farm to have fun with Choice and Adam.  will get photos of all playing as soon as the mamas are integrated back. Two in one day has only happened three times here! Charmed.....

Saw an interesting ad.  The gist was that the periodic table that chemist and scientists use displays all the known elements that make up our planet as we know it.  They have, in the ad ,added one more element, Hu for the Human element.  Think about it.....

Want you to meet Gloria and Joe Williams.  They are two of the nicest people you would  ever want to meet.  They share the bounty of their harvest with us each year.  We get a jar of honey, some pickles that are knock your socks off perfect and this year we get to buy some of their great hay...
She is a dedicataed sister and he is one of the alpaca whisperers of this world.  They live in Townville, SC and would love for you to visit their farm and see what they have put together.  Alejandro, a full Accoyo herd sire is on their farm.  He has done some great stuff!!

Check out their jeans, the crease is perfect and I love that.  Looks so neat but I must concess that I am too lazy to make sure our jeans are so perfect for stepping out....
Now that i think about it, I do not remember where I put the iron, humm. did I put it in the yard sale stuff?

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  1. Caroline, I am not a sister, but really am enjoying your blog. Each entry gets better...keep it up girl! George