Tuesday, November 10, 2009

..only dead fish go with the flow!

There is no stronger force than the pull of the moon on the tide of the ocean.  This is a definite flow.  Every 6 hours and 23 minutes, the tide will change. Fishermen gauge their fishing cycles with the tides, bridges are timed with the height of the tide and attitudes of wildlife change with the tides.  With all that force of an eight foot tide at the above site, it would  take a very strong, healthy and determined fish to handle that flow.  If he went with the flow, he would leave the brackish waters of the Pocotaligo River and enter the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean in short order. Not good unless you are a salt water dweller.  The marsh in this photo is in its winter colors and is  just up the Broad River from the boot of Hilton Head Island, SC.  Anyone been there? Gorgeous.  But, the pull and the flow of the tide at this juncture is not for the weak and mamby pamby.  I saw a blip on the TV this AM and this slogan pulled across the screen about only dead fish going with the flow and I believe it.  So if someone says, " ah shucks, just go with the flow", think what they are asking you to do.  It may be bad waters ahead if you cave to the request.

Want you to meet Pierre.  He is a gray short hair domestic that belongs to Heather, our daughter.  Pierre is named for the "father of dentistry"-Pierre Fauchard.  There was a UTube photo of a cat dunking his head under the faucet and drinking water.  I thought, "Pierre, when did you become a movie star?"  It looked just like him.  I will share our "UShot" of this comical cat drinking water from the faucet. ( I love his eye markings, very Egyptian looking.  Maybe he was there when they commissioned the sphynx!). By the way, he is one of those cats that loves to sit on the keyboard of the laptop, it's warmer there! ....and locks you out if he steps in a certain sequence!
If you look closely at the picture below, you will see the cotton is ready for picking.  My husband said, "kinda late"..but, with the new varieties being grown in SC, there are two pickings.  The fields are full of long train car shaped bales covered with blue tarps.  Quite a harvest this year for them, which is good in the town of Estill, SC.  I have some boles to pull and try to felt to blend with the alpaca for the veil base.  It is pure white and very soft.  It is Egyptian cotton, long staple and perfect for a blend.

Rainy here, crias not on steady foot yet. Pray for their well being.  Thank you, CMx

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