Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holy Pumpkin and Christina

This is the last pumpkin story of the year.  We have had a blast with our two perfect specimens from the harvest.  Last year we bought a pumpkin and let it sit on an old stool, an antique from Hampton, SC, until after Thanksgiving.
We then put it by the power pole in the camellia garden and it slowly collapsed with the freeze and thaw cycle.  When it collapsed, it formed a perfect little incubator and protection for the seeds.  To our surprise the seeds sprouted and vines formed in the spring and it produced two successful orange globes to play with.  In the above photo, Dr. Del carved a cross for All Saints Day and we had it lit at our dinner hour after the wonderful blessing of the two new crias earlier in the day. The cross section that my husband carved out was put into some boiling water and when soft, sprinkled with brown sugar as a harvest treat. It was really good. I have only had pumpkin pie and never the fresh flesh.  It is a lot like acorn squash, just not as sweet.  but I took care of that small issue! The webbing that holds the seeds reminds you of a veil, how strange.

I would like to share with you another member of the Mixon family.  This photo was taken several years ago when we were visiting her in Venezuela.  This is  Christina Rodriguez.  She is our granddaughter on my husband's side of the family.  She is most talented.  She plays violin and is a budding artitst.  She can paint and also is a super photographer.  She can catch the moment. Maybe she will create a piece of her work to share with you who "Enjoy!" this site.
And,may I add she is quite the fashionista!  She can have a pile of stuff in her suitcase and come out looking like a mini-Vogue model.
This photo is of her in her flamenco dress.  She took us to a recital in a big mall.  Her class did exceptionally well.  It is amazing how many more joints these kids have that we older pups have long ago lost. She lives in SC now and blazing a trail.  She will always be my heroine.  She actually caressed and talked a female alpaca into getting over heat stress.  That is another story.

Hugs from Georgia to Christina!

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