Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Debutante and the Royal Alpaca Challenge

As we go further toward winter, the camellias are starting to open.  Patients can see the ones at the office through their big windows.  Takes the edge off ;as you are well aware some have "dentist phobias". Many patients wonder how Drs. Mixon and McGee can have roses in the winter!!
This medium size one is call a "Debutante"; is always pink.  It is one of the originals to hit this part of the world most of them being imported from the Orient in the late 1800s.  They started out as plants in the "le orangerie" of Philadelphia's finest homes.
Now they are outdoor plants in gardens in the southeastern USA..  There are only a few in this form called anemone, you will never see the stamens.  The flower from the last post has the stamens well exposed.  They are the same genus and species; strange how that can be with over 1000 different cultivars.  Beautiful!

On Friday many of us will venture to Conyers, GA to the Olympic Horse Park for the Royal Alpaca Challenge.  Tim Lavan and Amanda Vandenbosch are judges.  We will be having our first Georgia Alpaca Associaton AOBA approved halter competition. This is way too cool to see such beautiful animals on display.  Part of the jig is a silent auction.  This year  we have donated a felted alpaca hat that I purchased somewhere along the line for our product display area.  I kicked it up a couple of notches by adding feathers, an elephant broach and a porcupine needle from Namibia. my friend Emeril would say!
So those of you who are going, bid on this creation and wear with pride for it is a Southern Sisters addition to the world of fashion. Watch out Project Runway, we are after your attention!

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