Monday, November 16, 2009

Heaven is richer today.....

You never know when one of the living creatures in your charge will not be with you.  Charm had a very tough delivery last week.  Anyone in the alpaca breeding business knows that the females are usually very considerate not to have their crias after 3 PM and not when it is raining.  Guess what, all those theories went out the window this year.  Last Tuesday was one of the days we caught the rains from Hurricane Ida.  The dam was due in another 2-3 weeks but labor was in full force.  Dr. Frost was there within 30 minutes and went to work.  He retrieved a little male whom we named "Rainman".  Yesterday things looked like all would be getting better from his low birth weight and agalactia of the mom.  We even got a photo of him with Dr. Frost's children during the afternoon.  But, I guess that Heaven wanted him more and he went in his sleep last evening. I share this with you for things like this sober you.  Makes one look around and not be remiss in telling  loved ones how much you do care for them; for in the bat of an eye, it can change.
I had lots of time to snuggle this little fellow and thank him for the few days we had to enjoy his antics.

Your family is much more important.  Do not assume that you will have the luxury of waiting to say those special words, giving gestures of love and bridging gaps.
I think I will wait until tomorrow to write more, this is a sad day at Carodel Farms.
Charm seems to be fine ....she was a very attentive mama and did try.

On a good note Alabama won, Georgia won and Ted is a wee bit older!!tee hee Pup

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