Monday, April 19, 2010

Savy and chic

My very best dream and desire.  If I could change any thing about my persona, it would be savy and chic (S/C).  That means that when you turn sideways, you might fade into the background.
But I know that will never be unless I am deathly ill. so I will settle somewhere in the between.
My friend, TW, is trying to get me to see myself as a potential S/C girl! That means I have to think like I am already there and eat like I am a little bit French.  Savor every morsel of food that enters your mouth, wine also, and count your chews and extract every sensory psyche you can muster up.  When you do that, it is time for the waiter to remove the plate, before you are finished, so you never have the opportunity to clean the plate!!  I have figured out that is how they do it. S/C girls talk fast, walk fast in Stilettos, read romantic novels and shop! TW and I both love Paris.
There is a whole new meaning to savoring life when you are there.  I want that feeling here, with me, on this farm, which is far from citified living.
Dana, the bride from the last post, lived with a family in France when in college.  The mother and the husband of the Matron of Honor came to the wedding.  However, they almost had a problem because of the volcano spew of ashes from Iceland was closing down the airports of France.  They live in the north near Belgium and barely got out.  I knew she was coming and when I saw the bridesmaids, who all wore the same dress as MOH and MTOH, I could pick her out without anyone telling me.  She was sleek, savy and chic., very French....I immediately went into international mode and remembered the secret wish I have and relished being savy and chic (still working on the side view!).

Today is one of those days that you wish you could just cruise. Weather is awesome.  Gator tire has a hole in the side, so gotta go get that fixed, get the suris bred and write to our new friends, the Capps! Loved the visit.
Husband at office while William is getting the colic crap! Now I remember why I had one child!

til next time......

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