Monday, April 5, 2010

Friendly advice

Do you doubt yourself? Do you think you cannot come up with the right answer to your own questions? Do you have to consult someone before you make a decision? Do you not trust your own gut feeling and judgments?
I would encourage you to listen to yourself.
I am amazed at how expert some folks are when it comes to breast-feeding.  I know this is not a usual subject, but a novice at this gets so thoroughly confused as to how to conduct this act that they do not listen to their own bodies. They do not trust their gut instincts until it become a 20/20 hind sight.
So it is with any decision in your midst.  You have to think through what would the Dalai do? Think what would be best for you and your family, your farm et al.

Thinking about your alpaca herd, your business, your children, you have to know what is normal. You have to know when things feel wrong.  Then act when you have that secure feeling that this is the right direction to go. Do not wait for a concensus of opinions unless it is a cadre of veterinarians or doctors or truly successful business firends. There are a lot of ways of getting things right.  Not all things have one answer.  You have to take the experiences of others and make your own choices.  Weaning for example, many thoughts on this across the animal kingdom.
If you are someone's mentor, make sure you consider their needs and feelings.  They trust your judgments and sometimes get off course for they are not you.  I would think it would be good to encourage friends and others to read, study, gather suggestions and stand on their own mind's decision.

Easter season was blessed.
Herd is shorn.
William is here.
Husband cooked the most delicious lamb from Ranchline in New Mexico,
Del III made the cheeerleading squad for his senior year . Now how good is all that?

Til next time.....

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