Tuesday, April 6, 2010

M*I*L- the three best and worst words!

M*I*L= Mother in Law. How is it with you? You may not have one yet, or maybe never will, you may not be one yet, but let me assure you kingdoms are won and lost over these three words. 

I do not know what it is about the relationship between in-laws.  Is it fear of loss of power and influence? Is it fear that the other side will invade your space? Invade your wealth? Invade your once private world with the blood relative?
Yes.Yes,yes and yes....
You do not have ownership of any previous station in life when you become an in-law.
Sometimes you wonder what would be the future of this relationship.  Most of the time, you will feel this is great for my child and I can put up with some quirks;  as I am sure the in-law will say of the other side of the family!
It is all about personnel management.  Remember that old term? When you want something done, get it done through people.  Praise them, support them, guide them, give them good in-service education programs, exhibit with your actions how you want the tone to be in your management circle. In-laws are people, they respond to the tactics of good management and will not realize what is actually happening.  This is kinda fun.
I really like my SIL; I am hoping he keeps my daughter as the only center of his life.  They can flourish as a team as long as both M*I*L (and the cadre et al of other family ) let them alone to seek their own level.

Last week while my daughter was in the hospital, I revisited my ole stompin' grounds for I used to work there.  I was appalled at some of the things I saw.  I would never have let this slide, or that go unattended.  When I was there, 900 emloyees, today over 4000.  (side note: I think our HCB sponsors should visit the hospital industry, that is where the costs are out of control.  Not the doctors, but the hospital administrators who are in cahoots with the insurance companies, boy are we dumb sometimes!).Same CON of beds, but more people giving more specialized services, but the food was less than desirable.  We used to be "the" best food place in town! Cannot go there for too long for I now realize that nothing lasts....

Anyhow back to summarize my musings for today:
                  Mind your own business...that is the biggest and best challenge you can take on!

Pray for Michele; she is in surgery today in Orlando, FL. Things will forever be different, but she is loved...
Prince William is just fine and dandy.....

Til next time

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