Saturday, April 17, 2010

A closed mouth gathers no feet

Have been extrememly busy the last 18 days.  William was born, Heather was adjusting, spring breedings on the farm were in full blast, pollen everywhere, sorting out the shearing harvest and maintaining sanity.
In the midst of of much, when normally my life is quiet, routine and not so full of drama, I caught my foot being in the wrong place many times.
Do not know if inappropriate responses were due to fatigue, fear of turf being threatened, not knowing proper response or just downright being snarky.
I found my self over-reacting to situations where I was not in control. My personal kingdom/business being invaded. Thank you Becky for being there and revealing to me that truth prevails and love endures.
I am here to tell you that once the word is out of your lips, it is gone, gone. Cannot be retrieved.. Now I am not saying you should keep things pent up, for that will cause you to drop your basket! What I am sharing is to be very careful what you think in the first place for that dictates the lip spew!
When I told my daughter that my greatest fears centered on the fact that I did not wish her to cave into, be victim, and/or her kindness being mistaken for an open door.  She is very sensitive right now and opportunists will move in. 
Now that is all I am going to say about that for she and I have for the first time in 34 years discussed various topics and now that we are done with that I have come to this.

   1. I am not the boss of her.  She is 37 years old and if she chooses to do things, well,  that is her business.
   2. I am responsible for my business.  If it means building a moat around this farm, then so be it!
   3.  I am responsible for my joy.  My grandson is now so much part of my daily thoughts that I cannot   remember not ever thinking about him! Weird phenomenon.
   4. Whatever resources I have must be managed with finesse and great care to preserve.
   5.  A closed mouth gathers no feet; keeps you from foot in mouth disesase!

May your spring day be gorgeous. Going to a wedding of my husband's dental partner's daughter.  She begins a new life and I think that is just superb!
My mother, William's great-grandmother, just beams when she says his name for that was her loving husband's name who would have celebrated his 99th birthday 11 days before this baby's entrance into the world.
His birthstone is aquamarine or bloodstone.  Will share what I learned about that in another post.

til next time........


  1. I think everyone can identify with overreacting when not getting enough sleep or under a lot of pressure. Thanks for sharing. I think it's always good to be reminded that we're all going through similar stuff, even though the particulars are vastly different. Happy Saturday!

  2. Laura: I love to hear from you. You are becoming one of most favorite "coaches" to follow and learn. You are "tres chic"..
    Best from your family in GA. CMx